old fashion


  • 2 oz Bourbon or Rye whiskey
  • 1 sugar cube or 1/2 oz simple syrup
  • 2-3 dashes Angostura bitters
  • Orange peel
  • Wood chips for smoking (e.g., oak, cherrywood)
  • Smoke Finale Cocktail Smoker
  • Mixing glass
  • Bar spoon
  • Ice
  • Whiskey glass


  1. Prepare the Smoke Finale Cocktail Smoker:

    • Set up your smoking device according to our manufacturer's instructions. 
  2. Smoke the Glass:

    • Place wood chips in the smoking device and ignite them. Let the glass fill with smoke, then cover it with a coaster or lid to trap the smoke.
  3. Muddle the Sugar:

    • If using a sugar cube, place it in a mixing glass. Add a few dashes of bitters and muddle the sugar until it's dissolved. If using simple syrup, skip this step.
  4. Add the Whiskey:

    • Pour the bourbon or rye whiskey into the mixing glass.
  5. Add Ice and Stir:

    • Add ice to the mixing glass and stir the mixture gently with a bar spoon to chill and dilute it slightly.
  6. Strain into the Smoked Glass:

    • Carefully remove the coaster from the smoked glass to release the trapped smoke. Strain the cocktail mixture from the mixing glass into the smoked glass.
  7. Express the Orange Peel:

    • Take an orange peel and express its oils over the cocktail by holding it over the glass and giving it a twist. This releases the citrus oils, adding aroma to the drink.
  8. Garnish:

    • Drop the orange peel into the glass or hang it on the rim for both aroma and visual appeal.
  9. Sip and Enjoy:

    • Allow the rich smoky and citrusy aromas to envelop your senses as you sip your smoked Old Fashioned.
  10. Adjust and Experiment:

    • The amount of smoke can vary depending on your preference. Start with a short smoking time and adjust based on your taste.

Remember to exercise caution when working with open flames and wood chips. The goal is to infuse the cocktail with a pleasant smoky aroma that enhances the traditional flavors of the Old Fashioned. Enjoy your smoked Old Fashioned responsibly!